As a multidisciplinary artist, my main motivation is to create: images, cinematic stories, music are the result of emotions, lived experiences and ideas that emerge from my restless mind. Nowadays, photography and film are my playground to create and explore.
Short Bio

DN grew up in a small town in Argentina, and in his 20s moved to Buenos Aires, with his first music project, a band called Ambar. This duo had a 10 year long career, in which they released 3 studio albums and performed live all around the country. This experience, led him to be part of the musical and cultural movements that took place in the first decade of 2000 in Argentina, and gave him the opportunity to work and meet many artists of different disciplines, and he has been part of many ventures, including multimedia concerts, festivals and more.

After his band dissolved, DN took a hiatus in the musical career and devoted most of his time to design, which led him to become involved in cultural projects, such as Espacio Byte -first Digital Art Museum in South America. In the meantime he developed as a self-taught photographer and filmmaker, which eventually led him to work in these areas, both in collaborations and commissions. During this decade, between work and hobbies, he visited many Latin American and European countries, places that changed his way of think, bringing new ideas and inspiration that influenced his work.

Currently, DN runs Lichen Films, which focuses on filmmaking and production. He is fascinated by experimenting with different film mediums and he loves to use processing techniques to rethink photography from a reframed perspective.

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