All you need is coat

A young man with coat walks under the rain without umbrella. Mar Del Plata, Argentina, 2021.


all you need is coat

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young person man walking coat rain storm cold water drops blue background teal hood body boy

You rock so heavenly


Water and reflections everywhere -even in plain city. Buenos Aires, 2023.


you rock so heavenly

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reflection mirror light glow water waves port city walk river silver rio de la plata puerto madero buenos aires argentina caba darsenas

Glacier’s milk


That’s how this phenomena is called. Instead of clear transparent water, this Patagonian lake (Argentina) shows a milky white-teal pale water color, because it’s full of glacier debris.
Shot in December 2015 with a Panasonic FZ-200. 


glacier’s milk

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whater cold waves minimalism minimalistic detail macro lake movement trip navigation

From afar


Patagonian landscape. Shot in December 2015 with a Panasonic FZ-200.


from afar

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view plain mountains clouds tree sand reflection lake sky trip puddle pool mud cold wind santa cruz patagonia calafate argentina