DN has been experimenting with film since 2008. After a few years of collaborating in a variety of projects, he started working professionally as a director and filmmaker, founding its own film company, Lichen Films. Here’s a list of works released to date.

/ short films

Nobody Somewhere

In a future where systems of control spread out to the furthest reaches of the planet, a woman tries to survive in a realm of naturalized oppression. Her art is her weapon and an expression of resistance.

Directed by: DN Bianco | Written by: Enrique Salmoirgahi & Gladys Lizarazu | Year: 2023 | Runtime: 0h 17m | Stars: Gladys Lizarazu · Ignacio Torres · Dolores Cano | Production Company: Lichen Films


In South American woods, lives a mysterious bird that has inspired myths and stories among indigenous peoples. Some of them link that bird with ghosts, due to its ability to use camouflage. Others say that whoever hears its unusual song will be haunted. During an investigation, the encounter with the bird triggers a series of strange events.

Directed by: DN Bianco | Written by: Enrique Salmoiraghi | Year: 2021 | Runtime: 0h 27m | Stars: Eugenia Rodríguez · David Oyhanarte · Gladys Lizarazu · Fernando Fanelli | Production Company: Lichen Films

/ other

Pool Passion

Experimental music video made in an old traditional tabern in Buenos Aires.

Directed by: DN Bianco | Year: 2011 | Runtime: 0h 3m | Stars: Viky · Aldana · Ric · Mc Fly · Kique | Production Company: Moquo

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