Memories in dust

Eye, eyebrow, eyelash and part of the face covered with dust. October 2008.

Available at: Society6

memories in dust

man eye eyelash eyebrow face detail dust light shadow portrait looking people model

Dry and High

A minimalistic view of soft hills with a white glaring sun, Argentina’s Patagonia region. December 2022.

Available at: Saatchi ArtSociety6

dry and high

desert dry sun atmosphere fog mist nature hill mountain mystery minimalism patagonia argentina landscape loneliness lonely no people

Cardon life

Shot in Salta, Argentina, 2010.

Available at: Society6

cardon life

bird minimalism cactus cacti thorn eyes spike desert sky blue clear air trip

Study on light types and geometry

Natural and artificial lights draws mystery and minimalism to a simple building. August 2022.

study on light types and geometry

architecture windows building wire antenna communications shadow light artificial natural clouds cloudy sky city roof walls minimalism

A Growing Feeling

Shot in Mar del Plata City, on March 16, 2020, first day of COVID lockdown in Argentina.
Sony Alpha camera & zoom lens.

Available at: Saatchi ArtSociety6

a growing feeling

moon ship sea ocean shore water beach full moon moonlight sky clouds calm loneliness lonely minimalism minimalistic minimal artwork saatchi art society6 print limited edition

The Glaciers series

1 · Silence in the noise | 2 · Glacier plenitude | 3 · Glacier’s martyr
This series was shot in December 2015 with a Panasonic FZ-200. 

Available at: Saatchi Art

the glaciers series

glacier artwork cold ice mountains formations fantastic iceberg glaciar sky storm white snow detail saatchi art society6 print frame

Down right

Little black dog looks like a shadow. Instant moment.
Shot during a trip to the town I was born, with Panasonic FZ-35, 2012.

down right

shadow wall yellow little black dog eyes animal fauna tree dry sand house pavement waiting looking town street minimalistic minimal portrait

Glacier’s milk

That’s how this phenomena is called. Instead of clear transparent water, this Patagonian lake (Argentina) shows a milky white-teal pale water color, because it’s full of glacier debris.
Shot in December 2015 with a Panasonic FZ-200. 

glacier's milk

whater cold waves minimalism minimalistic detail macro lake movement trip navigation

From afar

Patagonian landscape. Shot in December 2015 with a Panasonic FZ-200.

from afar

view plain mountains clouds tree sand reflection lake sky trip puddle pool mud cold wind santa cruz patagonia calafate argentina

Toxic beauty

A toxic beauty.
Shot in Buenos Aires City, with Sony Alpha camera & zoom lens, 2022.

a toxic beauty

smoke fume factory chimney stripes red white pink sky city urban dystopic dystopian pollution contamination minimalism minimalistic detail